My favourite villain

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My favourite villain

Mensaje  Mar el Lun Sep 06, 2010 12:02 am

Never before I had a favorite villain, until I saw "Phineas and Ferb." A cartoon very much out of the ordinary, where the greatest villains: Dr. Doofenshmirts, is not a common villain, he loves his opponent (the ornitorringo perry) and she tries to be bad always comes out a tender side, so I love it because it always gives an explanation to tender in perry their actions, but is very tender is the most dangerous villain in the border area, he uses science to make their evil plan is divertidoy witty, her crimes are always extravagant and always his invents ends with INADOR: the desfracturizador, the congeladozinador, one day he didn´t know how to call one of them so he just call it INADOR, that gave me a good laugh.
In all the chapters there are music, there's always new songs tell us the story. The Dr. Doofenshmits has a daughter that loves and always want to consent- He is too cute for her as it is a rebellious teenager.
My favorite villain is of Irish origin and has many of whom because I believe marked his malevolent behavior, has a brother who is his arch-rival because He´s all that He want to be: the favorite son, the most handsome, a local hero, everything that can be envied. What I feel is more tenderness than ever can finish his plans, always appears perry and although does not appear, their dependence on rival Doofenshmirts always makes you wait for the Attacking copn. For this Doofenshmirts is my favorite villain.


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