My villian favourite

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My villian favourite

Mensaje  mowgli420 el Jue Sep 09, 2010 10:43 pm

Well, I don't have favourite hero or villian, but I have my favourite Anti-Hero.
Anti-hero is like a Robin Hood or The Saint of Drug Traficker "Malverde". They are the kind of people who steal to richs, to give the poor people. It's like a hero. they do good thing, but to realize they do bad things. Do you understand me?

Well my favourites anti-hero are: V and Maria Almada

V is a Anti-hero of the comic and movie: V for Vendetta. he is the leader of a revolution in London, he uses a mask of Guy Fawkes. Some people say that V is a kind of terrorist, but he only want the liberty of the city

The other is Mario Almada, the true icon of cinema mexican, he acts in some movies as a villian, but he make justice with his own hand.


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