Activity 3

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Activity 3

Mensaje  Sandybells el Lun Sep 13, 2010 11:27 am

Read the following letter, identify the mistake by using some of the writing codes taught in class. Use a different colour to visualize the corrections made:

-P : for a puntuaction mistake
-Gr : for three grammatical mistakes
-Sp : for two spelling mistakes
-WW : for a case of wrong word use

Dear Fiona,

Well, here I am in the sunny islands of the Caribbean, enjoying the marvellous weather that is much hoter (Gr) than in England in (WW) the moment. I am in Martinique, the larger (WW) of the Windward islands in the, Eastern Caribbean. There is no point to try to call me.(P) My mobile phone is aout (Sp) of order. The sandy beaches are the beautifullest(Gr) I have ever seen and the food is superb(Sp)! I can´t to stop eating. I´ve bought lots of souvenirs! My suitcases will be much heavyer(Gr) becuase I´ve bought you so many presents! See you in a week.



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