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Activity 7

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Name/Surname: Karen Isabel Pérez Cervantes
Address: And. Mina el Alamo Ed. 36 Dp. 301 Col. 11 de Julio Tel: 044 771 123 18 37
Date of birth:29 June of 1987 Nationality:Mexican


kindergarten July 11

July 11 primary

secondary comprehensive school number 8 "masters of Mexico"

Technical Career Executive Secretary Hidalgo Women's House

Bachelors Preparatory College Campus Hidalgo State Mineral de la Reforma

University Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Hidalgo

8.3 Primary
9.3 Secondary
School 8.9
9.5 Technical Career
Languages: Spanish and English
WORK EXPERIENCE (most recent first)
The last job performance was in January 2009 to June 2010 performing the work of sales executive in a company dedicated to selling cellular phones, the company is called Yesitel SA DE CV Tecamac residing in Edo. Mexico, my boss was Ms. Kenya Yesica Suarez Patiño.

The first job was also to play in a company dedicated to mobile phones called Intelligent Wirelles, residing at Insurgentes Sur 700 Floor 11 Colonia Cuauhtemoc, Mexico DF my boss was Israel Ramirez.

I am a person who likes to read, disfrutrar of my family, I like going on a picnic, I consider myself a creative person, intelligent, who likes to take initiative.
I am very responsible with my work and believe that honesty is the foundation of a good relationship with respect.
In my spare time I enjoy the company of my husband, I like dancing, cooking, playing tennis, I like games of skill, I am very organized, I think the physical aspect is very important so we always try to be presentable.

karen I.Pérez Cervantes

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