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The kings of the Tudor family in order of succession to the throne, were:

Henry VII, who reigned from 1485 to 1509, ended the War of the Roses defeating Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth.
Henry VIII, son of Henry VII, who reigned from 1509 to 1547. He had six wives: Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Catherine Howard and Catherine Parr. This made him famous, as several of them lived with him at the same time, after the divorce as those taken as sisters. This was the case of the first, Catherine of Aragon and Anne of Cleves quarter. Others like the second and fifth, both raw, in contrast, was beheaded for adultery. Only the third and the sixth died as queens.
Edward VI, son of Henry VIII, who reigned from 1547 to 1553.
Joanna I, who reigned a week in 1553. She was the daughter of a niece of Henry VIII and therefore great-granddaughter of Henry VII.
Mary I, the eldest daughter of Henry VIII, who reigned from 1553 to 1558. It was the second wife of Philip II, King of Spain.
Elizabeth, second daughter of Henry VIII, who reigned from 1558 to 1603. Known as the Virgin Queen. The lands discovered by the English in America were for her the name of Virginia.


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