My Neighbourhood

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My Neighbourhood

Mensaje  Sandybells el Vie Oct 08, 2010 6:17 pm

In my neighbourhood there are many shops, you can buy every kind of food, theres is the antique church, the goverment build and next to that place is the schol; there are some flower shops, and clothes shops, but there is not a market near of the neighbourhood, also there is a new church very close of the cementery, it's big and is unfinished but I think it's going to be beautiful.

A: Excuse me could you tell me where is the goverment build?
B: Yes, take the independence street and go straight then you'll see an ATM, there is the goverment build
A: Oh I see, and how do I get to the new church
B: Follow the street you'll see many shops, butchery, shoes, etc. do not turn left or you'll never get just go straight you'll see the cementery.
A: Well, thanks a lot
B: Your welcome.


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