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Casting Call

Mensaje  Julieta Ramirez el Lun Sep 13, 2010 11:26 pm

An opportunity to become a celebrity

Location: Creative Edge Studios, Los Angeles.

This is the chance you were looking for.
We are seeking for three main characters to protagonize a new T.V. series proyect, with the next characteristics:

Tylor King: the character is a young white middle school boy, straight short black hair, well rounded dark blue eyes, thin complexion, aged 12-15, friendly, polite, easy going, cheerful.

Rebekah Hunton: a nice african american girl, wavy straight long black hair (till her back), very big brown eyes, average body complexion, long natural nails generous and honest, aged 17-19 years old.

Samantha Díaz: a middle school latin brunette girl. Sraight mediun lenght hair, light brown eyes. charismatic and always cheerful, thinking always in a positive way to see the worst things happen, attitude of leadership, aged 12-15 years.

Also seeking just born puppies.
Actual shooting date is Saturday, 19th September

Please contact with Julie Ramírez for anny questions 771 - 123 - 4853

Julieta Ramirez

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