Hi my little Fred!

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Hi my little Fred!

Mensaje  Paumorez el Lun Sep 13, 2010 3:55 pm

Hi my little Fred:

How are you babe, i read your e-mail and I´m so worry about you. In first place you´re not alone! I´m with you, on internet, for text message or in my phone 24 hours a day baby, in a few days I want to go to see you! Do you want?

Second, I don´t understand why are you so alone in your new neighborhood, you are so cute guy , sociable , and it´s to easy love you! I think you should offer a party, don´t you think, in that case you could know your neighboors and maybe make friends! Me I help you to organized? Whoa, should be so cool!

Well baby, i´ll go to my school right now, I´m looking for a book, and I don´t found it! I love you so much, don´t forget that!

With love, Paula!

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