McSteamy Villian vs McDreamy Superheroe

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McSteamy Villian vs McDreamy Superheroe

Mensaje  Paumorez el Lun Sep 13, 2010 2:32 pm

I don´t know too much about superheroes, but I like to see the movies or read some comics about that. The superheroes are handsome, so gorgeous and squeezeble, but the villians can be so hot too. When I´m the actress of the story i love to do the villian, is so much fun!
My favourite superheroe are Bumblebee on Transformers, well i know is a car but "he" killed all the bad guys and decepticons, this stuff is amazing in the movies. Bumblebee plays the radio and dance with the music, it´s so cool! His yellow color are spectacular and when he turned to a Camaro side, is Woooow!! So beautiful car! I want to be inside of it!!
About the villians, well I love the new one on the movie theater, in the movie "My favourite villian", is so cute one! His not too bad guy, I want to hugh him... His friends are so yellow, is a fun movie and cute villian and kids...
Well, who is your favourite villian or superhero? Is a cute one?[/justify]

xoxo, Honey!

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