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Giving an advice!

Mensaje  Grecia Barrera el Lun Sep 13, 2010 9:13 am

[color=darkblue]Its so nice to hear from you, I miss you a lot , things arent the same without you around here, I think I can help you with the way you feel, I felt really lonely and depressed when you left , but i decided not to cry and do something, so Ill feel better, and guess what? It worked! I think you should do things that makes you feel good , like going out to do some excersice, maybe you should take a a class, like yoga or pilates , that way youll meet new people, also , if you walk your dog around your neighbourhood, you can make contact with other people , the thing is not being alone crying in your bed eating ice cream, go out, have fun, meet new people. Make new friends, I can bet you ll feel better in no time! I hope you do all of this, remember how great and special you are, Im here whenever you need me, Love you.
XOXO I love you

Grecia Barrera

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