letter to my lonely friend

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letter to my lonely friend

Mensaje  mowgli420 el Lun Sep 13, 2010 12:18 am

Dear Danny

Hi danny, how are you? how do you feel in your new house?

I've heard that you feel very lonely, because you don't hace friends, but take it easy, come on friend. What about if we'll organizate a party and we'll invite your neighbours. I sent a email to our ex-classmates too.
Drop me a line as soon as posible, because I', going to buy: chips, soda, snaks, and 2 o 3 bottles of Tequila. Do you remember the pub near of the school? so in this place I'm gonna see you to organizate your "Wellcome's party"

Remember don't drink a lot of alcohol because the last time that you was drunk, you did bad things Very Happy
Please write me soon and tell me what about the party

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