Any Advice?

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Any Advice?

Mensaje  Antonio el Dom Sep 12, 2010 9:40 pm

Giving Advices
By Antonio Jiménez | Task 04
Danny wrote:

"I feel very lonely in my new neighborhood. I have no friends and I’m really depressed. Any advice?"

Antonio writes:

Dear Danny:

I just read your note and I’m sorry about your feelings. However thinking in problems is only a waste of time… is better to find solutions.

Many times, once we arrive to a new place we are disoriented but just a little push is enough to met people. Maybe after the movement, you realized some things are not already necessary. Wouldn’t be nice a garage selling? Perhaps between the buyers your new friend is.
So, go to your room and begin to choose prizes. Don't forget to tell me how it goes.
Good luck.
Lenght: exactly 100 words. Don't you believe me? So, count them.


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Activity 2: Giving advice email

Mensaje  Admin el Mar Sep 14, 2010 2:04 am

lol! Great honey!,
Your email is perfect! You expressed clearly empathy, offered help, gave advice and explained the reasons for it. Arrow
And you peer edition?

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