A winged pair of Converse

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A winged pair of Converse

Mensaje  Antonio el Sáb Sep 11, 2010 7:43 pm

A winged pair of Converse
By Antonio Jiménez | Task 01
Have you ever read Rick Riordans' books? If your answer is “Not”, I could bet you have watched them. How is this? Maybe at the end of these lines all had sense. Begin to read and wait. One of his characters can give you the key.

Luke Castellan is not the typical villain, he doesn’t want to control the world, or worse, destroy it. He only fights for getting the rights he doesn’t have, just because he is a demigod. However, since his fourteens he has been in contact with a mythological world that he thought, was no more than a fairy tale. Olympus, Delphi and Kronos began to include in his vocabulary.

As many demigods, Luke suffers ADHD better known as hyperactivity, and also dyslexic, which makes his brain translates all into Ancient Greek. He has a very strong body that combined with his ability on the sword; makes him a good warrior in combat. Nevertheless Luke is interesting because of heritage. It means that being the son of Hermes; he is owner of natural talents such as travel and theft. How does he do that? It’s simple, using his winged pair of Converse, a gift given to him by his father.

In the end he realizes many of his actions were wrong (in thinking any method was justified to win) and he takes the most important decision in his life. Finally he is treated like a hero.

Now do you remember, where Luke Castellan, appears? If you don’t have the answer, I cannot give you more clues. Or thinking well, Rick Riordans can tell you about Percy Jackson and the Olympics.


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