Activity 4: Giving advice to a friend

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Activity 4: Giving advice to a friend

Mensaje  kike el Dom Nov 21, 2010 8:38 pm

This is part of an email you got from a good friend:

I feel very lonely in my new neighbourhood. I have no friends and I´m really depressed. Any advice?

Hello my friend!!
I read your email and I couldn’t think about my happiest friend sad, I really miss you too; all the things here are so different since you leave but this is your dream so I am going to give you some advices to make you feel better.
Going to live to another city was your biggest dream so enjoy it, have you gone to the museums? It could be a wonderful distraction for you and also you can learn a lot of things; another activity is going out to dance with your new friends and if you haven´t make friends what are you waiting for? Let´s go to have fun. I have no idea about what other things you can do there but these things could help you to feel better.
Well friend that’s all I have to say, I hope this advices can help you. I miss you so I hope to see you on Christmas.


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