Activity 9: A letter of application

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Activity 9: A letter of application

Mensaje  YARID SILVA el Jue Nov 18, 2010 3:24 am


We require an experienced fitness trainer for the Well Retraet Centre. As part of the team, you will develop training programmes for our customers. You will travel to several of our centres and give advice and training to other Well Retreat Centre instructors. This position is based at our centre in North London but involves extensive travel and flexible working hours.
Please apply in writing.

Dear Sir / Madam

I am writing regarding your advertisement in The Weekly News. I am very interested in this position and I wish you could respond to my request for interview.

While the issue of advice and training to other trainers is not exactly my field of action but to develop specific programs for each of your customers is easy task for me.

My experience as a coach is about 3 years, gyms I've worked with are:
Gold's Gym, Olympia and Swim Life AC.

I am very disciplined and responsible with my work. So, I know you will not regret hiring me.

I know many people solucitud sent the job because it is a very large undertaking but I hope you will consider me for the job.

I can report to work immediately.

Thanks for your help I am eager to hear his response and waiting to serve you.

Yours faithfully
C. Yarid Silva Labra

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