My Town! ;D

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My Town! ;D

Mensaje  mowgli420 el Jue Oct 21, 2010 4:27 pm

I live in a little town of State of Mexico, the town is called Santa Maria Ajoloapan.
The place is very quiet and sometimes so bored, but I like it. I like go to the pic-nic to the hills of my town with my friends, there are many trees, flowers, cows, horses and many stones. I dont have a map of my town but, you can search it in the There are schools, two hospitals, a library.
On saturdays in my town there are many partys as: 15years, Weddings, first communions. so if you want to a party, there a lot of opcions to go.
I like my town because is very quite and at nigths is very beatiful walk on the streets. I have many friends and we go to drink to the edge of the town because is very funny.
My town have many neighbourhoods and many people that I dont know, because my father said: When I was a child I knew all the town.

Strange: where is the Walmart?
Moy: In this town there aren't a Walmart
Strange: where I can buy a box of milk?
Moy: aaaaah, well, mmmm. with Don Pedro
Strange: Where is Don Pedro's Store?
Moy: In the corner of Benito juarez and Emiliano Zapata.
Strange: Where is it?
Moy: you walk along in this street, and turn left. if you dont know, ask for "tiendita de la esquina" with the policeman, and he say it
Strange: Mad
Moy: I dont speak with strange people pirat


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