Activity 6. Describing my place

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Activity 6. Describing my place

Mensaje  YARID SILVA el Lun Oct 18, 2010 5:14 am

In my neighborhood there are almost no shops where you can buy food near my neighborhood there is a supermarket but not so open shops there, the streets are clean but there are several stray dogs that are dangerous, the nearest church is about 15 minuts of my house is really very beautiful, in my neighborhood there are several internet cafe although they are not very cheap people attend them.
consistently in the evenings the youth of the neighborhood come out to play football in the street. from my street you can see beautiful sunsets.

A: Excuse me could you tell me where is the supermarket?
B: Yes, take the "La Palma" street and go straight then you'll see an coffe-internet follow the street
A: Oh you are very kind, and how do I get to the church?
B: Well, i think it is easier than you take a bus, otherwise you can go across the street "Federalismo" and then when it hits the roads continue to the left at the second stop will have to go to the right and so on until we reach "El Palmar"
B: A: Well, thanks a lot
B: Your welcome. Good luck


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