Describing my place

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Describing my place

Mensaje  Sara Nelida Luna Villegas el Lun Oct 18, 2010 12:48 am

Activity 6. Describing my place


Hidalgo is a beautiful state.

I live in Pachuca,
near of the UAEH,
it is very easy to find this place,
because the location is favorable.
The neighbourhood is called Campestre Villas del Alamo,
my home is across the pool,
the street before my house is called mango,
the street after my home is called mesquite.
There is a bar in this neighbourhood because many young people is living here.


-Hello friend, how are you?
- Hi, I'm fine, thanks friend!
-I will visit you at home, but I do not get
- No problem, I'll tell you
-ok, thanks!

- The house is near the university,
a few streets after the bar,
easily find the pool,
just front the pool is the house,

-ok perfect, then I see you in this week yeah?

- Yes, of course!

-I have to go because I have class
- ok, see you at home
- Bye

Sara Nelida Luna Villegas

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