Meanwhile in Gotham

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Meanwhile in Gotham

Mensaje  Sandybells el Lun Sep 06, 2010 6:28 pm

There are many heroes and superheroes in TV, comics or movies but defenitely my favourite is Batman; known initially as The Bat-man, his real identity is Bruce Wayne a billionaire and philanthropist busuness leader who turns in a hero every night and fights against criminals of Gotham City.
When Wayne was a kid his parents were murdered so he swore revenge, that's how he decided to be a "Bat", springing up the legend, in the begining Batman is concidered as a Villain, then he demostrated he is a good citizen and he was trying to help the police.
Batman uses a black tight suit of hide, black cloak and a mask as a bat, he has the most advanced technology in the batcave a place which is under Wayne's house.
Batman's got allies, such as Robin "the boy wonder" and his steward Alfred, as well as Batgirl but also he's got villains like The Joker or catwoman and from all the villains of the serie, she is my favourite.
Speaking about Catwoman, let me tell you what I like about her; firstly she is very audacious and cunning even when in the begining she is a good girl, the avarice consumed her and one night she tries to kill herself but is saved by cats changing her mind and turning into a character, a villain.
I concider Batman as one of the most famous characters in history because he hasn't superpowers there's only a man and his intelligence looking for revenge. With respect to Catwoman she is all the above a great villain.
By: Sandra L. Franco Hernández.

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