The Carpet Fitter Exercises

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The Carpet Fitter Exercises

Mensaje  Paumorez el Dom Oct 17, 2010 5:30 pm

PART ONE: Answer the following questions

1.Why did Eddie hate being a carpet-fitter?

a) The pay was too low.
b) He didn't like working alone.
c) No-one appreciated his work.
d) He couldn't smoke on the job.

2. What did Eddie think of Mrs. Vanbrugh?

a) She was a kind, thoughtful lady.
b) She was rich and selfish.
c) She was always losing things.
d) She had good taste in furniture.

3. Why was Eddie called "Ed the Head" by his friends?

a) Because he was such an intelligent carpet-fitter.
b) Because he had a large head.
c) Because he was very proud and self-important.
d) Because of his footballing skills.

4. What did Eddie want to do when he had finished fitting the carpet?

a) Have a cigarette
b) Hammer the carpet flat
c) Look for Mrs. Vanbrugh's lost bird
d) Start work in the dining room

5. Why didn't Eddie remove the carpet to take out the thing that was causing the lump?

a) He couldn't take the carpet up once he had fitted it.
b) He didn't need the cigarettes because he had some more in the van.
c) It would take too long to remove the carpet and re-fit it.
d) He intended to come back and remove the lump the next day.

6. What did Eddie do with the hammer?

a) Hammered nails into the lump
b) Fixed the coffee table
c) Left it under the carpet
d) Flattened the carpet

7. What was Mrs. Vanbrugh worried about?

a) Her bird was missing.
b) She thought the carpet was going to be too expensive.
c) She thought Eddie had been smoking in the house.
d) She couldn't find her husband Armand.

8. What was really under the carpet?

a) The cigarettes
b) Eddie's toolbox
c) Nothing
d) The missing bird

9. "Eddie was determined...." means that he:

a) Had no idea
b) Decided for sure
c) Felt very angry
d) Couldn't decide

10. "Peculiar" in the sentence "He's never done such a thing before, it's most peculiar..." means:
a) Normal
b) Like a bird
c) Difficult
d) Strange

PART TWO: Type the correct form of the word in brackets on the line.

1. Eddie didn't enjoy to be (be) a carpet fitter.
2. He disliked works (work) for Mrs. Vanbrugh.
3. As a football player, Eddie was very good at heading (head) the ball.
4. Eddie expected to find (find) his cigarettes in his pocket.
5. After he had finished work, Eddie was shocked when he saw (see) a lump in the carpet.
6. He considered to take (take) up the carpet again, but decided it would be too much trouble.
7. Thinking the lump was only his packet of cigarettes, he decided hammering (hammer) it flat.
8. He kept beating (hit) the lump until it was flat.
9. After some hammering, the lump began to getting (get) flatter.
10. Eddie worked quickly because he didn't want Mrs Vanbrugh to see him hammering (hammer) the carpet.

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