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My Neighborhood

Mensaje  pamela.mota el Jue Oct 14, 2010 8:40 pm

My neighborhood!

Hiii! Myy name is Pamela and the neighborhood where i live is very quiet... Here you can take a walk, walk your dog, play soccer or cycling. Years ago it was far from eeverything but now the city grew and is central.
This on top of a hill and the streets have many stops but the most beautiful here is the view... I love you from my bedroom i can see the city and at night is more beautiful. I love you


A. Hello, sorry... can you tell me where is the street.... mount sinai?
B. Hi! Sure... mmm on the main street, count 3 blocks and right in the kinder garden...
A. Thaks! And... where I can find a store?
B. See... behind mount sinai, in mount altai
A. Ok!
B. Careful with the stops!
A. Ypu're very nice!
B. Byee!

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